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Overlay Map

The Overlay Map feature by the US Tourism Overlay Bureau (USTOB) offers an innovative way for travelers to explore the rich tapestry of cultural experiences across the United States. With six layers of regions to browse through, users can embark on a virtual journey to uncover unique tourism experiences from coast to coast.

Upon opening the map, users are introduced to Layer 1, which showcases the outlines of all 50 states. Here, they can click on any state to delve deeper and learn more about its attractions, history, and local culture. Layer 2 introduces a playful twist, featuring fun combinations of states like One Big Dakota, Cackalacky, and New England, alongside important cultural regions such as the Rio Grande, the Fertile Crescent, and Yellowstone Country.

As users progress through Layers 3 to 6, they encounter regions of varying sizes, with a notable concentration along the coasts in the upper levels. This strategic layering reflects the intricate web of overlapping cultural areas throughout the country, allowing users to explore different facets of American culture with each click.

The primary purpose of this layering system is to highlight the nuanced diversity of US culture and sense of place. By presenting the country through multiple perspectives, USTOB aims to inform, entertain, and inspire travelers to explore destinations in a fun and creative way. While the Overlay Map is just one of many lenses through which to perceive the United States, its goal is to celebrate the richness of each destination and encourage exploration of the country's myriad offerings.