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Use this form to submit new listings for attractions or businesses.

What Kinds of Listings We Accept

USTOB lists attractions and businesses that are locally operated, inclusive and family-friendly. Please review the specific category requirements outlined below. This will help maintain a welcoming environment for all visitors and promote diverse experiences within each community we serve.


We accept accommodation listings for hotels, resorts (including casino resorts), campgrounds, and bed and breakfasts. While motels are not excluded, all lodging properties must be well-maintained and up-to-date to be featured on our platform.


We welcome submissions for various attractions, ensuring a broad range of experiences for visitors. However, please refrain from submitting events or short-term occurrences as they may not align with the long-term nature of our listings.


For food listing submissions, we prioritize local eateries, including restaurants, food courts, and food trucks with permanent locations. Please note that establishments with 20 or more locations may not be accepted to ensure a focus on local culinary experiences.


For shopping listings, we generally do not accept convenience stores, gas stations, stores with an age requirement, or retail stores with more than 20 locations. However, there may be exceptions for outdoor and recreational stores depending on their unique offerings and relevance to our platform.

Multiple Listings

If you would like to submit multiple listings, or multiple locations for the same business, please use the contact us form to get in touch with us first.